Creativity requires sensation. I have always seen my creative work as an attempt to translate sensations into visual encounters. As I believe sensations to be abstract in nature, I create in conceptual and abstract forms. I strive to find the exact line, movement or color that can communicate what the mind thinks and the body feels.

Whether the sensations come from a more societal mind and body or personal experiences my process is the same. Once struck with the inspiration a series of deconstruction processes begins. As the initial sensation is pulled apart, it’s particulates become attached to visual dialogue. The sensations become stories, the stories cycle us back to the smallest denomination of our culture, families and selves. My desire is to find the truest aspect of these inspirational sensations and cultivate an external connection.

I work in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums, as all mediums are important tools in the translation: asking the viewer to both step back and look closer.